Our Background

Our passion

Supreme Green Cuisine was founded with the spirit of creating delicious experiences through great food combined with unique infusions. Culinary Combinations with Cbd Hemp extracts , cannabis & essential super herb concentrates privilege us a delicious narrative for our guest to experience.


Our dishes are inspired by our teams collective  passions within creating a truly supreme experience.

As personal Chefs /Herbalist, we can be hired to create excellent  family meals and also intimate events.

We pool our resources to create elevated experiences for small to medium size private events.

Contact us today for an experience that is truly Supreme.


Executive Chef

Chef Svint Mykel


Native ,Queens New York, Saint Mychael 

 Trained under Chef Hank disciplined in the culinary styles of Surinamese/Asian cuisine for 10 years, sharpening his understanding of flavors and combinations. Also Formerly Enrolled at of the Culinary Institute of  America 2014, until his deep journey in to becoming an herbalist.


Chef Saint is a well versed and talented infusion Chef who has

more recently focused his skills in preparing cannabis infused dishes,

Partnered with Supreme Green events create personal culinary  experiences.

successfully delivering a re-defined elevated perspective on edible cannabis culture by way of cuisine. 


Currently, Supreme green cuisine and Chef Saint have collaborated to create a the"Stuck Brand"a cannabis infused honey to which Chef Saint has created multiple versions.

One being a full spectrum THC nectar, CBD nectar, and hybrid honey nectar with both CBD and THC combination.

Chef Saint’s mission of passion is to forward delectable cannabis consumption to the forefront of high cuisine through innovative menu creation, tinctures & educational perspective.

It is truly a passion of Svint. Mychael 

To create a safe experience and environment for community to develop and is his belief that when you break bread with people it opens up the endless possibility for growth within communication and community.


Saint has afforded supreme green cuisine a platform within the community of cannabis enthusiast, foodies and medicinal marijuana patients offering a new perspective on what it means to consume cannabis.

Abstract Bridge

Founder/ Executive Curator

Saint Mychael Nonni

Over the years, Supreme green cuisine has created healthful, customized dining experiences that honor fresh and flavorful cuisine. Established in 2014 with Executive Curator

Michael Nonni at the helm, the company create unique culinary and cultural experiences that have evolved.


Human rights is an issue of great importance, and our power and strength live within the voice of the people, when presented the opportunity to sit as communication director for the New York City chapter of Norml that assisted with an understanding effective Communication and about pure collaboration and its effectiveness.

 Creating Communication bridges and relationships with local representatives and advocacy groups such as drug policy alliance, vocal and various other groups, has afforded  Mr. Nonni an in depth detail understanding of the perspectives

legislators, senators and the governor of New York State have towards Cannabis policy and what that looks like for New York City with an equal perspective on Social equality , the issue of Taxation, Legalization,

Decriminalization and fair market practices.

Saint Mychael Nonni founded Supreme Green Cuisine / Sanctuary with the Passion to Become A Vital Source of Balance Healing, Education & Wellness.